Corporate & Sporting Activations

Team Buildings:

Having spent over 10 years in the sales industry and being to various and numerous strategy sessions, sales conferences etc we at The Skills Factory, believe that it is time to “spice” up these events and games.

  • Bring back the fun factor to company conferences
  • Excite the staff with teasers and clues before the event
  • Build staff morale and up the staff satisfaction levels
  • Get your staff to know more about your business, your clients and your staff
  • Give away prizes and or cash depending on the team
Games include:
  • Money Drop
  • Amazing Race
  • Trivia Game show concepts
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End of Year Functions & Launch events

Over the past year we have noticed that RSVP’s to end of year parties, launch events and ticket sales to festivals are down on previous years. People don’t have the time to take out of their diaries as it has become more precious and important to spend more effort seeing clients, and making business work.

  • Bring a new element of fun to the event or function
  • Get your staff to interact with other staff members and clients through fun games and activities
  • Take away the “here for the free lunch” attitude and get them wanting to be at the party
  • Reward the staff for taking their evening out and away from their families with prizes and give-aways.
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Corporate Games:

The MasterDice competition is based on the game Craps that was played in the old days. We create and build a branded Craps Table as well as custom made dice for the game. Client will decide what “Word” will appear on the dice (min 5 letters and Max 8 letters).

The aim of the competition is to get all your guests to participate in a fun “Gambling/Game of chance” styled competition at your event. The table is easy to set up and the game can be played at any kind of event – year end party, conference, roadshow, golf day to name a few.

How it works:

Each guest will get two rolls of the dice during the event, where their points will be recorded at time of their throw. Our staff will run the game, record the points/totals scored by each golfer throughout the day.

Once all guests have rolled and or at a specified time, the top three scores will qualify for the final. At prize giving and at a set time, each of the finalists will get 1 or 3 rolls of the dice (Insurance quote dependant).

The first finalist to roll the word designated word (all letters facing UP) will win the R 100k incl Vat cash prize!!!!

A really fun, relaxed and easy game to get value out of at your function.

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Sporting Activations:

The Skills Factory are not just skilled in the Golfing department, we have a wide range of knowledge and skills and most sports and we enjoy bringing excitement to any sporting event being a corporate day or professional game.

Sporting activations range from:
  • Cricket Stump Throw competition (Finalists get to have a throw at a cricket stump 50m away to win R100 000)
  • Rugby Half Time activations – Kick a rugby ball from the 22m into a bakkie and win R100 000
  • Soccer Events – Throw a corporate event around soccer and let the guests have a bit of fun even if they are in suits. (i.e. Soccer World Cup 2018 theme)
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